Cosmetology or cosmetics means much more than just using make-up.

During my education through one of the leading beauty treatments schools in Germany I learned that cosmetics deals with the knowledge of basic dermatology as well as the care from the inside and outside. I am distinguishing between.

  • Right time
  • Correct
  • Regularly

One should start treating the skin timely. Already many teens are suffering from skin problems and do not know how to treat the skin in the right way. Visiting a cosmetologist can prevent many of these problems through this by in-depth consultation, treatment and care tips.

The correct care is the essential point of a nice skin. The beautician counsels clients and gives important hints and ideas around skin care and products.

In addition the skin needs regular care. This begins with the right treatment in the morning and ends by correctly treating the skin before going to bed. You will not be helped and have a good skin by just visiting a beautician once a month… care starts and ends by doing it every day.

A further reason to visit a beautician is the general need of receiving quietness and relaxation. This you can also find through one of my treatments and the relaxing face massage as well as a mask.

I am offering the following beauty treatments:

  • Facials with or without a massage
  • Neck massage
  • Back massage
  • Manicure
  • Tinting of eyelashes
  • Tinting of eyebrows
  • Forming of eyebrows

My beauty treatments are offered in my own studio in Windhoek-Auasblick