Chiropody (Med. Foot Care)

The chiropody is a health-care profession predominantly well known throughout Germany. Chiropody takes a special position in-betweeen medical and non-medical fields of healing. Only after a 2-year training one is allowed to offer Chiropody.

Chiropody means the analysis and treatment of foot and nail problems. It supports the medical attention of foot problems (e.g. through a podologist) and prevents several problems with feet as well as supports its healing process.

I am comprehensively advising your about your feet and nails and show you how you can treat your feet, even at home, the best. I am working with different medical instruments and equipment of German production which allow me to conduct the chiropody treatment with regard to your feet and nails. A relaxing foot massage will conclude every treatment.

My chiropody treatment includes:

  • individual analysis and introduction into day-to-day comprehensive caring procedures; also for haemophiliacs and diabetics.
  • Treatment of
    • ingrown nails
    • corns
    • pressure marks
    • callus
    • scarf-skin

As with the pedicure the chiropody treatment will be concluded by a relaxing foot massage.