Namfeet – Maike Trede

Namfeet | Maike Trede offers professional chiropody as well as beauty treatments in Windhoek.

I did my qualification at the Hamburger Berufsfachschule für Kosmetik (HBK) in Hamburg (Germany). The HBK is a officially recognized and certified institute of tertiary learning, which then was already succesfully operating in Hamburg for more than 30 years.  The qualification in cosmetics, beauty treatments, manicure, pedicure and chiropody is officially recognized and certified and was conducted over two years including a 6-months practical internship.

Training content included especially those subjects that are of highest relevance for chiropodists as well as beauty treatments and manicure, e.g. anatomy, dermatology, hygiene, chemistry, product knowledge, physics and technical equipment knowledge.

In addition I completed different product trainings as well as a course in make-up art.

After my successful graduation, I independently worked for eight years in a beauty and chiropody institute in Hamburg, especially in the fields of chiropody and facials. In mid September 2011 I returned home to Namibia.

I offer my treatments in my own salon in Windhoek-Auasblick. The mobile chiropody service, the first one offered in Windhoek, is available for anyone in and around Windhoek, e.g. at your home, work, retirement village or hotel.