I am working with the BaehrTec A800 and A1200 which are some of the most modern dry-technology foot-care apparatus’ on the market. I am thus working without water, one of our most scarce resources in Namibia. Baehr is one of the largest producers of foot-care equipment worldwide and the devices are build to the highest German standards.

The appartus of the BaehrTec A series is made out of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic parts that are also used in the construction of sports cars and aeroplanes and stand for the highest quality. The BaehrTec A800/A1200 is build according to highest quality rules and complies to the German medical product’ standards.

My apparatus allows an electronical rpm control, which also works according to highest standards in even the lowest revolutions. With my foot-care apparatus tools like milling cutters and polishers are rotated. With these tools I can remove callus, scarf skin, and nails as well as clavus

  • The maximum revolutions per minute of up to 35,000 allow an easy work, as with an increasing rpm more skin and nails can be cut and degraded.
  • The BaehrTec A800/A1200 is extremely silent and only generates 47 to 60 dB. It allows easy conversations during the treatment as well as does not disturb neighbours, etc.
  • With use of the strong suction turbine the work is of highest hygenic standards, as all dust particles are immediately catched.

Content source: Homepage of Baehr.

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